I'd heard a lot about how your life changes each time a child leaves the nest for college.  Keeping in touch can be tough so what began as a way to inspire communication from my faraway college student blossomed into an idea for a small business. 

That idea is that fresh baked, creative food items are appreciated during a busy, stressful semester of cafeteria food and pre-packaged snacks. That time and care were taken to make the box special just for them.  It also acknowledges that family and friends want to send hugs and love, but the hectic pace of life can sometimes make it hard to find the time to pull it all together.

I start with a classic fresh cookie care package - add in creative snack mixes and fun additions then sprinkle in imaginative packaging that creates excitement every time they open a biteBOX.  You can select the flavors you know they will enjoy, and customize a message too.

At the beginning of 2020, I expanded my offerings to include custom gifts for any occasion, personal or business.   Baskets, sales giveaways, leave behinds, & meeting boxes as well as weddings, showers, and parties.  Nothing shows you care like favors to match your event theme!   We also offer custom labels if you have your own items in mind.

My passion for gift giving and a love of celebrating all occasions big and small is what drives me.  In the past year, we have all found out how celebrating even the smallest things is very meaningful.